Top 10 Stories of the New Testament

Did your favorite New Testament story make our list?

The New Testament is filled with amazing stories and adventures of Jesus and his followers as well as those who did not believe he was the son of God. The Gospels were written by Jesus’ disciples, as their interpretation of what Christ was teaching them. Revelations depicts the prophecies and tells us how the second coming of Christ will play out.

Also in the New Testament is an explanation of the fact that humans are no longer governed by Old Testament law. Many of the old guidelines were extremely restrictive and influenced by men, rather than the true word of God. In the new version, stories identify that humans live by grace. The only true commandments that Jesus spoke in the New Testament were, “Love your God” and “Love your Neighbor”. Everything else will follow.

You also learn in the New Testament why it is believed we live by grace; by the perfect sacrifice of Jesus as the slain lamb, we are saved. His death and resurrection make the old laws moot. Below, you’ll learn about several of the best stories found in the New Testament of the Bible.