10 Bible Stories that Would Put You in Jail Today


Photo by T3W_CS

Do you remember these Sunday school stories?

The Bible is considered an important book in the Christian church, which guides and teaches its followers right from wrong. However, many scriptures in the Bible are conflicting with today’s society; in fact, many of the stories would be considered illegal today and could get you thrown in jail due to brutality, mass murder, genocide, infidelity, and more.

Which of these stories are more ludicrous than others? Which ones can we believe and follow to be the truth? As the Bible was written by many, stories can be misinterpreted and misconstrued. The words are also often taken out of context in great detail.

With this said, there are many passages which would be considered illegal today, or at least result in strong repercussions. These are 10 stories in the Bible that would put you in jail today.