Top 10 Stories of the Old Testament

Is your favorite story on this list?

Quite a few important things happened in the Old Testament. Human life began during this eventful period, and as humans adjusted to life on Earth, they made a few mistakes. These dramatic moments come alive on the pages of the Old Testament.

Many popular Bible verses and biblical lessons come from the Old Testament. This version of the Bible explains the significance behind several popular holidays and shares helpful life lessons about why it’s wise to honor God’s wishes. Although this book was written thousands of years ago, its lessons are often still relevant in today’s modern world.

The Old Testament is packed with interesting stories that appeal to a wide range of personalities, whether you’re a religious-history buff or just looking to brush up on your Bible trivia. The stories are suitable for folks of all ages, from energetic toddlers to compassionate grandmothers. Here are the top 10 stories of the Old Testament.