Top 10 Sports Schools in the US

Photo by Phil Roeder

Photo by Phil Roeder

Is your college on this list?

College sports are important for a great college experience. With this said, some schools are better sports schools than others. From the facilities available, to the recruiting of players, to the fans filling out the seats every game of the season, some colleges are truly impressive when it comes to sports.

Some of the top sports schools in the U.S. are the big name universities. Those that have the funds to recruit, hire top coaches, and put out a great program, regardless of the talent pool that is coming in for the given year, are often the most successful. However, there are smaller schools that are just as dedicated, and fans, alumni, and the student body, turn up for every major game. In fact, with some schools, the students are even showing up to smaller sport venues and events to support those who are playing on the field each game.

Whether you are a student, alumni, or just a local fan, the top sports colleges in the U.S. are truly impressive. With optimal support, regardless of how well the teams are playing, these are some of the most dedicated schools, when it comes to college sports programs.