Top 10 Presidential Mistakes Ever Made

Mistakes or just bad decisions?

Living in the public eye is never easy. Living in the public eye and being in charge of an entire country can be downright daunting. For some, it’s even embarrassing. Yet some presidents have managed to make it through a term without making too many memorable mistakes. Those presidents are not the ones you’ll find on this list.

Some presidents seemed to have been consumed by the ego that can develop from having so much power. Others simply didn’t know how to maintain a personal life that most Americans would commend. And then there are those who just took a seriously wrong turn when it came to being loyal to their country.

Make no mistake; there is a lot of pressure that comes from being in such a position. Some presidents just didn’t handle it well and others were just being human and happened to expose their flaws to an entire country. You might be surprised at what you read here and you might be entertained, but you will most certainly reflect on how you might respond if you were in such situations.