10 Bars in the United States You Need to Visit


Photo by PizzeriaVenti

Have you visited any of these bars yet?

Public drinking establishments or bars (more commonly referred to as taverns in the past) have been popular hang-out spots in the U.S., dating back to the 19th century when town residents and visitors would sit together to share a drink and conversation. These meetings were so popular, that even during Prohibition, people continued to meet in the underground or illegal versions known as speakeasies.

Nowadays, bars in the U.S. serve a number of purposes besides just providing a place to pick up a cool drink. Happy hours have become a trendy activity where employees can meet up to dine and unwind, and sometimes commiserate with co-workers after a long day at work.

There are thousands of bars spread throughout the United States. Dive bars, hole in the wall joints, sports bars, pubs, and fine dining establishments are just a few of the many types you might come across. Some bars in the U.S., however, are known for more than just providing a place to socialize, and are known for great beer, locally made wine, fine atmosphere, and great history. Not only are these must-visit destinations, but they are also great places to unwind and enjoy a drink as well as refreshments, food, and sometimes entertainment. These are 10 bars you must visit in the U.S.