Top 9 Celebrity Falls in Public

Ouch! Did you catch all of these?

We forget, but celebrities are just like us in a lot of ways. They eat, they drink, they live their lives, and sometimes they even fall in public. Not only do they fall, but they get just as embarrassed about it as we do. And, what’s worse is they get to do it publicly in front of large crowds of people and at events where the entire world is watching and waiting for something to happen.

When celebrities trip and fall, it is usually viewed as humorous or entertaining (as long as there are no really serious injuries.) These mishaps also seem to remind us that in all of their glitz and glamour, celebrities, stars, and public figures, are still human and just like everyone else in a number of ways.

Although some falls are subtle, some are clear wipe-outs, and most are often viewed over and over again. These are the top celebrity falls in public, which were captured on tape for our enjoyment again in the future.