Top 10 Celebrity Rants of All Time

Did you catch these celebrity rants?

Though nobody is perfect, when it comes to celebrities, we sometimes feel they are about as close as a person can get. We usually see celebrities at their very best with beautiful hair, clothing, and makeup when they are in movies, at their concerts, or while out shopping. With the advent of social media, we are beginning to see a very different side to many celebrities.

Social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have offered major insight into the life of celebrities that once did not exist. Previously, gossip and trashy magazines were the only way to hear anything unsavory about a celebrity. Now, celebs are being filmed during moments that make them look a little less charming and a little more flawed.

When we see celebrities doing something out of the norm such as ranting, we take notice. Recently, more actors and musicians have been exposed for their less than model behavior. Once you watch some of these rants and raves, it is clear that celebrities are just like everyone else. Here is our list of the top 10 celebrity rants of all time.