Top 10 Date Night Ideas for Couples in New York City

Photo by Kyle C.

Photo by Kyle C.

Looking for date night ideas in NYC?

New York is not just a world city, it is the world city. With people from all over the world converging and setting up roots in the Big Apple, the city has become a place that operates museums, restaurants, and attractions on a 24-hour schedule.

In a city of over 8 million residents, thousands of bars and restaurants, and limitless entertainment, you may find that it is still hard to select a date night location. With so much available, you may find choosing new and interesting places the most challenging part of the date. Selecting a venue that sets the right ambience is paramount to having a great date night. Fortunately for those who are coupled in New York City, there is a litany of options.

From eclectic art deco installations to formal, black tie happy hours, there is something for each couple. In each of the five boroughs in NYC, there is a special spot that is date night approved for every personality. Here are 10 date night ideas for couples in New York City.