Top 10 World’s Hardest Hikes

If you’re bored with the local hiking trails, try these.

In 2012, more than 30 million people went on hiking and backpacking adventures. Through the years, hiking has become a popular activity not only in the United States, but all over the world. Not only is hiking a great healthy outdoor activity, but it is relatively expensive and provides a chance to spend some time with nature.

With so many people passionate about hiking, it isn’t a surprise that many advanced hikers seeking adventure, need a challenge once in a while and prefer trails for more experienced hikers. While many skillful hikers may already be in top physical shape, some of these hiking locations require a great deal of planning and preparation beyond just making sure you are wearing the right hiking boots.

There will always be a number of trails to choose from, especially with hundreds of major trails and an infinite number of smaller offshoots available in every corner of the world. If you find yourself looking for a change of scenery and a more challenging hiking trail than the ones you’ve hiked in your area, prepare to take on one from our list of the 10 most difficult hiking trails in the world.