Top 10 Scariest FBI Investigations

Some of the scariest FBI cases ever.

Every FBI investigation has some element of fear to it. That’s because it isn’t your common petty thief that gets investigated by the FBI, but the criminals who are more serious about their trade. Because of this element, investigators never know how far these criminals will go to maintain their freedom and criminal activities.

Most people who make it onto the FBI’s list are those who have committed serious violent crimes or are willing to commit violent acts or have them committed by other people, in order to continue getting away with their crimes. By definition, those people are often either sociopathic or psychopathic and have little regard for humanity.

The people who have made this, the top 10 scariest FBI investigations list, have proven themselves to be especially dangerous. Some killed as an indirect consequence of the activities they were involved in, while others killed in order to satisfy some sort of need. In any case, the investigations weren’t just scary for the FBI, but for the public as a whole.