Top 10 Cities with the Most Shootings in California

Photo by Tex Texin

Photo by Tex Texin

Is your city on the list?

It seems like every time you watch the news or go online there is a report of a shooting somewhere in the United States. With the statistics for shootings climbing in both cities and rural areas every month, you may be surprised at the actual number of shootings in a given state, and in which cities the most shootings occur.

California is a state which is in the news regularly for everything from gang violence to movie stars. Because this state covers nearly the entire west coast of the U.S. there are several demographics contained in the state. This means that whether in the big city or the tiny desert village, shootings may be more likely than in other areas of the U.S.

The official California government website provides a graph showing the crime rate in California over several years. Violent crimes in California have dropped over the past decade, however, in 2013 there were approximately 500 violent crimes committed per 100,000 people. To break it down even more let’s look at the top 10 cities in California that see the most shootings and homicides rather than overall crimes.