9 Scariest Shark Encounters

Photo by Jeff Kubina

Photo by Jeff Kubina

Don’t read this if you’re afraid of sharks.

There are a few things that automatically cause fear in people. Clowns, bears, and heights are just a few. Shark encounters often top the list and all it takes is a few minutes playing in the ocean before the thought crosses your mind. Although the chances of actually being attacked by a shark are relatively low, it doesn’t mean the possibility is any less frightening.

Shark encounters are something we have heard more and more of in recent years. Sure, some of these encounters are more peaceful than others, but when the animal gets angered, it is possible they are going to attack. On more than one occasion, different attacks have been captured on video or through images, and have been shared online in recent years.

Because of advances in technology, we are able to catch these encounters far more often than in the past. This can be both good and bad for people whose nightmares involve sharks. These are some of the scarier shark encounters which have occurred, in recent years, and have been shared online and through news media.