Top 10 States with Cheapest Gas

Photo by Mike Mozart

Photo by Mike Mozart

Is your state one of the lucky ones?

Gas prices are a big deal in America, where you never know which phase of the moon or change in the stock market is going to change the price of oil. That may be an extreme view on it, but to date, Americans largely view gas prices much like the Bermuda Triangle; there just isn’t an explanation. Price gouging is illegal, so it’s always interesting to see the differences in prices, much less understand how or why they happen.

With all that being said, there is an enormous difference in prices over the various states. Even if all of the states pay the same price for gas, their various tax rates are going to make a big difference in what the consumer pays. On top of state and federal taxes, there are other local taxes to consider too. States may have their own fees on top of taxes as well.

Whatever the case may be, some states have seen a rise in popularity because of the difference in gas prices. Here you can learn about the 10 states that have the cheapest gas prices and use that information to your advantage. Whether you travel for a living, looking for a new place to live, or just plan on going on a road trip and want to get the most for your money, you can use some of this information to before making your decision.