The World’s 10 Hardest Marathons

Photo by akunamatata

Photo by akunamatata

If 26.2 miles just doesn’t do it for you, or isn’t enough of a challenge, there are plenty of longer, more difficult marathons out there to take on. These ultra marathons are not only the hardest marathons in the world; they are some of the toughest challenges for even the world’s best athletes. Regardless of your fitness level, or how hard you workout, these challenges are tougher than most, and are far from easy to complete.

Even individuals who are in excellent shape, have completed several marathons, and work out on a daily basis, might find these to be some of the toughest competitions in the world. Elements such as extreme cold, heat, or altering temperatures contribute to the challenges. Participants face it all when they choose to take on any of these marathon trail runs.

Although many have tried to complete these races, more often than not competitors fail, and do not complete the entire trail run. Due to the harsh conditions, even harsher temperatures, and extreme altitude and elevation changes along the way, these marathons are often considered some of the toughest athletic events in the world. For the diehard challenge seeker, these are the 10 hardest marathons in the world.