10 Safest Places to Run in Riverside County, California

Photo by Damian Gadal

Photo by Damian Gadal

Read this before running in Riverside County.

There may not be a location in the United States that is more health conscious than California. Riverside County is no exception. With the beautiful weather and health awareness all around you, running for exercise is an obvious choice. Other than making sure you stretch before you run and eat healthy, the only other concern you might have is the safety of the area where you run.

No matter how safe an area is, it’s always good to be prepared. Self-defense classes might add to the benefits of the exercise you’re already getting, but you might still consider carrying a small self-defense item on your person, just to be safe. Even just keeping a key in your hand can help in a pinch.

If you’re interested in running in Riverside County, you should know which areas are the safest. Here is our list of the 10 Safest Places to Run in Riverside County, based on crime rates provided by Areavibes.com and city-data.com.