10 Safest Places to Run in Los Angeles

Check this list for the safest trails in L.A.

You run to keep your body in shape and maybe even to free your mind from some of the constraints of a busy world with a hectic schedule. Because you can get lost in your own thoughts, it’s easy to overlook safety issues that may be going on around you. For that, and many other reasons, it’s best to run in the safest places possible.

The climate in Los Angeles makes it possible to run outdoors all year round. Runners can take advantage of the weather as well as the many areas where you can enjoy beautiful scenery, but do it safely. Make sure you have something in your hand at all times and even consider wearing a whistle around your neck just in case you need to draw attention to yourself very quickly.

Here are the safest places you can enjoy your run in Los Angeles. Keep your mind open as you run, not only to remain aware of any safety hazards, but in order to benefit from a variety of elements that can contribute to the health of your body and mind. You might even find that you enjoying changing locations once in a while just to get a different view or type of terrain.