Top 10 California School Districts

Photo by David Sawyer

Photo by David Sawyer

Is your school district on this list?

Parents want different things for their children. Some are focused purely on academics and others want schools to address more in-depth issues, like social boundaries and cultural elements. While many parents balk at their children taking tests to assess their knowledge, these tests can provide much of the data that parents can use to determine which school in California their kids should go to. Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on test scores alone.

Because test scores don’t always tell the whole story, it’s good to know what direction a particular California school district is going in and any extra features, if any, you can expect if your child is a student. Even if the district meets your academic standards, the mission of the district may not be something you, as a parent, feel is best for your child.

The information below gives you an accurate picture of the top 10 school districts in California according to data provided by Here you can learn not only about the test scores, but some of the other features the school districts provide, making each worthy of rating the best in the state.