10 Safest Places to Run in New York City

Is your favorite on the list?

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing jog to clear your mind. It’s good for the body as well. However, where you run can have a significant impact on how much you enjoy it. Safety is an important consideration no matter where you live.

Fortunately, New York City has plenty of unique places to run. You’ll find a wide variety of scenery and, in certain areas, you can experience unique wildlife that makes you forget you’re running in one the most urban places in the world. Even amidst all these opportunities, there are some places that are safer for running than others.

Here are some of the safest places to run in New York City. Keep in mind that as much as you enjoy running, you might want to change locations now and then to keep things from getting stale. You might even make new friends or running partners, and you could learn about areas in New York that you hadn’t visited before.