10 Best Secret Wineries in Napa Valley

Photo by Yuna C.

Photo by Yuna C.

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Napa Valley is well known for the robust and flavorful wines that come out of it. However, not every winery in Napa Valley is well known. In fact, Napa Valley boasts several wineries that few people have heard of.

If you are considering a tour of Napa Valley, don’t be afraid to stray off the beaten path a bit. Some of the best kept secrets are corked in this area. You might have to do a bit of searching, but if you are a wine lover, visiting these places is a must.

From the smallest wineries with the most robust bottled drinks to the most elegant and established wineries in the area, Napa Valley has something for anyone who enjoys wine. You can pick and choose which of the places you want to explore by scrolling through the 10 best secret wineries in Napa Valley. They may not have the most flamboyant marketing campaign, but with the quality of wines you’ll find at these places, marketing isn’t necessary.