10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Photo by Jasen Miller

Photo by Jasen Miller

Here’s why dogs are better than cats…

The debate over whether dogs or cats are the best pet is almost as old as the myth that dogs and cats cannot get along. For dog lovers there is no question which is the best pet, and of course, the opposite goes for cat lovers. Although cats have a long, regal history of being the preferred pet, dogs are actually considered to be the very first domesticated animal.

There are a number of reasons that people favor dogs as pets over other animals. The benefits range from better health to a more active social life. Dogs have successfully proven through the years that they are truly, man’s (and woman’s) best friend. For those of you who do prefer dogs, you likely have your own individual reasons.

If you are planning on adding a pet to your family and are uncertain about whether you should choose a dog or a cat, you may want to weigh the benefits of both. While cats and dogs can both become fluffy, lovable additions to the family, there are specific perks that come with each animal. Here are some of the reasons that dogs are often considered the premier pet option, and are better than cats.