10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to New York City

Photo by Ryan Hoard

Photo by Ryan Hoard

Thinking of moving to New York City? Read this first.

New York City has often been portrayed as the glamorous and exciting hub of the United States, or at least the east coast. There are a number of reasons people choose to move to New York City such as its impact in nearly all fields including finance, art, fashion, and media. Its also known as being situated on one of the world’s largest harbors and is one of the world’s most populated cities.

It’s easy to love everything New York City offers – the lights, Broadway, the city, the loud noise. Yes, yes, and yes. With all of the glitz and glam associated with New York City, it’s easy to consider making the move. As the song goes, if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.

However, if you are planning on moving to the world’s busiest city, and quite possibly most well known city, you should know a few things about living your life there prior to taking the plunge. Here are 10 things you should know before making the move out to New York City.