10 Best New York Campsites

Photo by mike

Photo by mike

Here’s where you should set up camp in New York.

Camping is a popular outdoor activity for families and backpackers all over the country; even in areas you wouldn’t expect it to be as popular. In 2008, camping participants made more than 597 million outings, or about 14 camping days per participant.

Much of the appeal of camping is because it is a low-maintenance type of activity that is essentially less expensive than many other types of outings. Also, people are increasingly favoring simpler lives in natural settings rather than the hustle and bustle of the city. In fact, many people even enjoy just camping out of vehicles or in their backyards.

You might not think of New York as a state with a popular camping culture, simply because half of the year, it is freezing outside. There are, however, a number of fun activities to consider when you go camping in New York. If you prefer campsites over your back yard, there are hundreds available throughout the state, each offering something unique for your camping trip. Whether you want mountains, water, or a mix of both, these New York campsites will do justice to the visitors who decide to visit. Here are the 10 best campsites in New York.