Top 10 Exercises to Slim the Hips

Want slimmer hips? Try these exercises.

If you are a pear, apple, or hourglass shape, weight just seems to settle around the hips. The truth is that fat cells do not replicate, they can only expand. If you have more fat cells in one area, you are more likely to see weight gain in that area when you put on pounds.

If you have trouble losing weight in the hip area, you should try battling the extra weight with exercises that are designed to slim the hips. Concentrating on the hip area can help you tone up the hips and take off some of the weight. However, a careful balance must be maintained between cardio and strength training in order to avoid bulking up the hips instead of trimming them.

Personalized hip exercises are the best way to concentrate your efforts for a specific area. By targeting the hip area for tightening and strength training, you can decrease the size of your hips while strengthening and toning the legs, buttocks and hip area itself. It’s a fantastic way to be sure you can slip into your favorite tight jeans at a moment’s notice. If you are working on slimming your hips, try these 10 exercises.