Top 10 Video Games for Boys

Photo by Kai Schreiber

Photo by Kai Schreiber

Is your favorite on this list?

If you’re the parent of a young boy–or you’re a boy yourself–it’s likely that video games are a major part of your everyday life. With brilliantly-produced titles like Mario Kart and fast-paced action titles like Call of Duty, there’s a little something for boys of all ages to stay interested. Boy-oriented games tend to be edgier, more focused on action, and a great deal more fast-paced.

Video games aren’t just about fun anymore, either. Depending on which title you choose, it can also help to build hand-eye coordination or even get kids moving. With new technologies like Wii Motion, video games aren’t necessarily the sedentary activity they once were.

Granted, girls and women are fans of these games as well, but if you are curious about which titles tend to be best for boys, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a long list of titles that attract boys and young men of all ages. Read through the list to learn about 10 of the top video games for boys.