Top 10 Video Games for Girls

Photo by wlodi

Photo by wlodi

Did your favorite make the list?

Video games are not just for boys. It seems that when people think of gamers, most think it’s only young men who play video games. Despite this prevailing thought, there are some hardcore girl gamers out there who do not get credit for their gaming addictions.

There are games for girls who love to shoot up enemies and engage in virtual war, as well as nonviolent games that have some traditional female attributes and play roles. No matter the wish list for the perfect video game, there are a number of activity based virtual games available out there.

If you are looking for games that girls may be interested in playing, this top 10 list of video games for girls will help you pick great games for girls of any age. In this age of mobile devices taking over nearly everyone’s free time, some of these video games can be used for escape, while others work as mental stimulation. Girls and women enjoy many of the same games that men enjoy, and most of these video games can be enjoyed by gamers of any gender.