Top 10 Celebrity Homes in California

Photo by Bing Maps

Photo by Bing Maps

Jennifer Lawrence

It seems that the only home that can top Ellen’s current home is J. Lawrence’s home. Of course, Jennifer Lawrence’s home was once Ellen’s home, and at one time, also belonged to Jessica Simpson. It stands to reason that it can compete with other luxurious homes in the area.

The Hunger Games star recently moved on up, as her new movie roles seem to continually be pouring in. Her large home is just one of many which the famous actress owns. It is located in Beverly Hills, and as mentioned, is actually a home which several other celebrities have lived in over the years.

It seems that although they don’t enjoy the homes through most of the year, celebrities have to have the biggest, the best, and the most expensive. For most of these celebrities, these multi-million dollar homes are just one of the many. Although the recession affected some celebrities, others were and are doing quite well. With impressive detail in design, exquisite features, and the most luxurious finishes, these are homes most of us can only dream of owning. But, for these celebrities, it is just one of the many properties, and extravagant pieces of real estate that they own.