10 Reasons You Should Watch Scandal

If you aren’t a fan yet, here’s why you should be.

The hit television show, Scandal, first debuted on ABC in 2012. This political thriller soon became must-see TV and gained a following almost immediately. The show follows the life of Olivia Pope throughout her work in crises management and PR for politicians. Scandal also includes a number of twists and turns which set it apart from any other political television show that has ever aired.

The actors and actresses, along with the story line created and produced by Shonda Rhimes have kept viewers on the edge of their seats and returning each week for another episode, for four seasons. There also doesn’t seem to be any indication, based on its popularity alone, of ending anytime soon.

One element of the show that attracts viewers is Olivia Pope and the power and control she has over the people she works with and has personal relationships with. Scandal is one of the most highly viewed shows, not only on ABC, but on air right now. It seems Shonda Rhimes has a way with high quality work, and producing shows that result in big hits. Whether it is the President, the affairs, or the scandal itself, there are are number of reasons you want to tune in with millions of other viewers each week. Here are our 10 reasons you should watch Scandal, if you already aren’t a fan of the ever popular television show.