Top 10 Celebrity Homes in California

Which celebrity has the most luxurious home?

Celebrities love to see their names on TV or in the news medium. It’s good for their careers as well as their egos. That’s why every time we turn on the TV there is something new a celebrity did, or a new rumor about the most famous celebrities today. As fans, it seems that we can’t get enough of the latest celebrity gossip.

In addition to the limelight and attention, celebrities also enjoy spending money, and having the best things money can buy. They can afford the best cars, large charitable donations, and the latest in every type of clothing made. It could be that our fascination increases when it comes to how celebrities are spending their money.

One purchase that always seems to get a lot of attention is celebrity real estate. This high-end lifestyle includes the best, biggest, and most lavish homes possible – which inspires us and causes us to dream of the homes we would purchase if we had just a small chunk of the money that celebrities have. These are some of the most well-known, biggest, and most luxurious homes that have been seen in California, from some of the biggest names and celebrities today.