Top 10 Best Movies of All Time

Did your favorite movie make the list?

Since film became a popular medium for entertainment, thousands of films have been made, millions of dollars have been spent, thousands of actors cast, and just as many plots created. Each year, there are lists of movies that, because of their popularity and revenue, end up on various best of the year lists.

Many popular movies end up with huge cult followings that stick with and support the movie no matter how great the new movies each year happen to be. These fans often watch and rewatch the movie, adding family members who become fans of the movies as well. Most of the time, movies come and go and we barely remember them once the excitement of the debut has worn off.

However, some films seem to move forward through time, seemingly moving with us, regardless of which new movie comes out, or what new entertainment form presents itself. These movies are considered timeless and are some of the greatest films year after year. Not only are they remembered through the years long after they’ve been created, but fans follow and through the years, new fans are gained, keeping these movies at the top of the lists over and over again. Here is our list of the best movies of all time.