Top 9 of Kanye West’s Past Girlfriends

Past girlfriends or just friends – what’s your vote?

Whether you love his music, his attitude, or his claim that he is the greatest , it is likely you’ve heard of Kanye West and his dating history. Naturally, Kanye isn’t the only celebrity to make headlines with the exploits of his love life, but he’s done more than his fair share of calling attention to himself.

In some cases, it’s impossible to avoid publicity because he dates other celebrities. In other cases, his actions themselves draw attention to who he is with and how he treats them, leaving people wondering if many of his past relationships were actually romantic relationships or just close, highly publicized, friendships.

With many public relationships, including his current one with Kim Kardashian, West has quite an extensive history of women who love the spot light as much as he does. That makes it even easier for Kanye’s relationships to be part of everyday celebrity gossip. Below are some of the most notable names the singer has been linked to, prior to tying the knot with and marrying Kim K.