Top 9 Most Dangerous Diets

Photo by JeffreyW

Photo by JeffreyW

Dessert for Breakfast

Studies have suggested people who consumed dessert while dieting were individuals who ended up losing more weight during their diet phase as well. So, if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not start your day with cookies or cake as soon as you get out of bed?

Many crazy ideas and fads have made their way into our culture over the years. And, it is not only a recent trend – people have been trying to lose weight for years, and it seems they were willing to go to extreme measures in order to do so. Modify your diet yes, but don’t completely turn things upside down, count calories to the extreme, or go through surgery which makes eating painful. These are some of the ridiculous, and some of the different methods you shouldn’t consider, if you want to get rid of weight. With healthy diets out there, it is possible to drop the weight without injuring yourself, or doing something detrimental to your health.