Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports


Photo by wikipedia

Are you brave enough to participate?

Engaging in certain sports in and of itself is dangerous simply because most require some sort of physical strength and agility in order to be successful; throw in a few professional athletes, and the games can be far more dangerous for everyone involved.

With this said, it is obvious that certain sports are more dangerous than others, because of the nature of them. We are all aware of the dangers of sports such as boxing, hockey, and football, but there is a wide variety of lesser known sports that are just as or more dangerous. Other factors, such as opponent skill, your own skills, weather, and terrain, all figure into the most dangerous sports.

From the different equipment, to the size of the athletes, to the arena the sports are played in, these are the top 10 most dangerous sports to play, that can result in injury or even death, whether or not you are a professional athlete.