Top 10 Best Selling Books of 2014

Is your favorite book on the list?

Although it may seem that books are not purchased as often as they used to be, the new opportunities available for reading such as electronic books and readers, and audio books, make it easy and convenient for anyone to enjoy these great stories, even while on the go. Many best selling books also lead to extremely popular and profitable movies.

Although books intended for the teen to young adult demographic seem to be the most popular and most highly read books over the past several years, the books included on the top 10 selling lists cover a wide range of writing styles and genres.

One particular author of a best seller in 2014 was John Green, with the number one selling book, the Fault in Our Stars (FIOS). In addition to his Youtube channel, he has also written this and two other books which are currently being adapted into films as well. With this said, he wasn’t the only author to have a great year in 2014. Here are 10 of the top selling books of the 2014 calender year.