Top 10 iPhone Apps for 2014



Which apps made our list?

Nowadays it feels like every business has an app and there are 20 more copycats that follow suit trying to come up with the next big app. So it really takes a nice polished app to truly shine in this never ending sea of mobile apps geared at making our lives simpler.

Whether you’re a businessman or a teenage girl there is an app out there to make your life more simple, and sometimes, more fun. So how are you supposed to know which apps are really the best apps out there? We decided to make a quick list of the top 10 iPhone apps of 2014 so you can at least get started.

Now popular apps are being downloaded daily by iPhone owners. However, some apps, whether they are free or paid for, generally gain more traction and popularity among users. Whether they are for gaming, messaging, or work, these are the most-downloaded apps of 2014.