Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

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You won’t believe how much some of these homes cost.

Celebrities have it all. Fame, fortune, glamour, and tons of money. This usually means they also have access to the best of everything, from food to clothing and houses. Most of us may never have the resources that celebrities have and won’t ever be able to drop millions on a mansion in Beverly Hills. Still, it’s always interesting to see what celebrities are spending their money on and imagine what we would do if in their shoes.

We all know that when it comes to celebrities, the bigger, the pricier, and the flashier something is, the better. The same goes with their lavish real estate, and the many homes that celebrities are known for owning across the globe. In fact, it is almost a necessity for most big name celebrities to own quite a few homes.

These are the 10 top most expensive celebrity homes, which are owned by some of the biggest names in show business, and where the most well-known people on the planet hang their hats.