Top 10 Easy Vegan Dishes

Have you added these to your vegan diet?

Often times when people think of vegan diets, they imagine bland meals composed of sprouts and carrots. This, however, is one of the greatest myths surrounding vegan diets. According to One Green Planet, about 16 million Americans identify as vegetarian, with about half of vegetarians identifying as vegan. This is a large and growing part of our population that might argue that nearly everything you love, can be transformed into a healthier, vegan dish. Vegan diets definitely do not have to be bland.

The popularity of vegan diets is also increasing, with the number of vegans doubling from 2009 to 2014 – without counting people who eat vegan meals more often but don’t identify exclusively as vegans. As this type of diet becomes popular, we can expect new and tasty vegan ideas far better than the meals of carrots and bean sprouts that was once believed to be the entire vegan diet.

As people realize healthier alternatives to lifestyles, it is also becoming apparent how harmful processed foods can be. Even with regular exercise and a controlled diet, the food we eat can be packed with toxic ingredients that affect the quality of life. This is the reason many people have adopted the lifestyle of vegan diets for longer and healthier lives. You too can be a part of this vegan revolution with these 10 incredible and delicious vegan recipes.