Top 10 Android Apps of 2014

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The Best Android Apps of 2014

There is a longstanding debate over which is better – Android or iPhone. Both have their benefits and downfalls, but when it comes to apps, there are a number of reasons you may prefer Android. One of the most compelling reasons to choose an Android over an iPhone is that there are thousands of apps, plus many are free.

Furthermore, if you have an Android device, you want to make sure you’re downloading the best apps. Not all apps – iPhone or Android, are worth taking the time to install, free or not. Rather than clutter up your device with useless tools, make sure you choose apps that you can actually use and enjoy.

From gaming, to video sharing, streaming, and more. With these Android apps, you can stay connected, share, and even play your favorite games, nearly anywhere. To help you choose the best ones for your smartphone or tablet, here’s our list of the best Android apps of 2014. to get your started.