Top 10 American Idol Contestants


Photo by wikipedia

Did your favorite contestant make the list?

The singing competition, American Idol, has been on the air since 2002 and has been ranked as the number one television show for many, if not all of the years its been on TV. It has evolved into an important vehicle in finding ordinary, unknown people throughout the country and turning them into celebrities and solo recording artists.

An element that adds to the popularity of American Idol, besides the various rags to riches type stories, is that the viewers have an opportunity to participate by judging for their favorite contestants. There is a panel of judges who choose the contestants, but the winners of the competition are essentially in the hands of the fans and those watching the show.

American Idol has been on air for many years and continues to be one of the most watched shows on Fox. In fact, it is still going strong and most weeks out of the season, it seems the show is highly viewed by the fans who have been there from the very beginning. Like any other reality show competition, some of the contestants do better than others. These are the top ten selling recording artists who were on the show, and are still going strong in their musical genre.