Top 10 Things Every Life Insurance Policy Should Have

Make sure your life insurance includes these things.

The average American lives to be almost 79 years old, but it’s hard to pinpoint the exact date that a person will bid the world farewell. When your time on Earth ends, you may leave behind a spouse or children who depend on your financial support and are unable to cope without the help of your income. That’s why enrolling in a life insurance policy is a must, if you haven’t done so already.

Navigating through the life insurance scene can be confusing. Do you want term life insurance or a whole life plan? Is universal insurance best for your family? These are all things to consider as you browse available plans.

Regardless of which type of life insurance you choose, there are certain features that your policy should have. Whether you’re a single dad or a married woman with no children, there’s a life insurance plan out there that’s a great match for you. You just have to find it first, and when you do, make sure it has the top 10 things every life insurance policy should have.