Top 10 Songs Sued for Plagiarism

Photo by michellerocks

Photo by michellerocks

Some of these may surprise you.

Musicians and singers sometimes have long journeys to face before achieving stardom and some don’t ever achieve the success they dream of. To make things even more difficult, once in a while, a singer or musician comes across or hears of a huge hit that sounds exactly like a song they’ve already written.

Because of this, some of the most famous musicians and bands have been sued over the years for plagiarism. Not only did the songs sound a bit too similar to the original, but the original artists who got wind of it, were quick to make a case against the other musicians.

In many genres, and with many top artists, new songs come out each day – it can be difficult creating music that doesn’t sound like anything else that has ever been created. These songs, however, were accused of sounding more than just a little bit like other songs. These were some of the biggest hits to go to court, due to the fact that they were too close to the original songs created previously by other artists. Here are the top 10 artists and songs that were taken to court for sounding to similar to another song.