Top 10 NASCAR Accidents

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10 of the Most Memorable NASCAR Accidents

Sure, NASCAR is known for the fast speeds, great racers, and heavy adrenaline during the course of a race. However, the sport has been mixed in controversy for years, due to the nature of the event and the potential for death caused by the combination of high speeds and accidents on the track.

With these major accidents throughout the sport’s history, major changes were made, especially in recent years, requiring the vehicles to have more stabilizing gear and safety equipment on board, in order to prevent these accidents and the deaths which have occurred through the years. Although death is the extreme, major accidents do occur, and cars lose control in nearly every major NASCAR race. It is not only dangerous for the drivers, it is what fuels the sport and the fans who continue to watch.

While the most memorable accident may be the death of Dale Earnhardt, Sr., there have been numerous accidents on the tracks during major races, many of which have lead to increased safety and protective measures for the drivers. These are some of the most memorable accidents which have happened over the years in NASCAR racing.