Top 10 Most Haunted Houses in America

Do you like haunted houses? Check out this list.

Television shows like Ghost Hunters have inspired people all over America to search out and visit what are rumored to be haunted houses. Amateur teams armed with devices purchased online schedule trips to various locations to perform their own ghost hunts. Those who don’t hunt still may enjoy learning about real haunted houses and being able to discover snippets of history they may not have otherwise known about.

For many haunted locations in the U.S., it is a common theme for very old buildings to have been the site of traumatic deaths. Some deaths are suicides, while others have more to do with the atrocities committed during the pre-civil war era. Although some of the haunting is harmless, not all ghosts are friendly and many of the haunted houses are the source of horror movies based on real life experiences. Some people love the thrill of ghost hunting while others prefer to stay as far away from a haunted scene as possible.

Do you live near any of these famous locations? If you are interested in visiting these homes or others like them, it may be time to learn more about their histories. From there, you can find or create a paranormal research team and dive in feet-first. Here are the top 10 haunted houses in America.