Top 10 Foods to Stall Weight Loss

Photo by Amy

Photo by Amy

If your goal is to lose weight, stay away from these foods.

Weight loss on a long term basis is challenging because it’s not just a temporary investment. In order to lose the weight and keep it off, you have to change your lifestyle, which sometimes means changing your eating habits. That doesn’t mean you never get to eat the yummy stuff, but it does mean that you need to eat less of some of the things that are causing the most damage. Keep in mind that it also matters how you combine your food – you benefit more from cheese and fruit combinations than you would from cheese and breads.

Some of the foods on this list are things that people tend to eat every week which ends up stalling weight loss efforts. If you are sticking to your diet all week long and then you binge on foods that stall weight loss at the end of the week, you aren’t going to see the results you otherwise would have. Instead of eating these foods once a week, or bingeing when you do eat them, simply cut back on the quantity or frequency.

One of the greatest things about switching to healthy eating habits is that your body stops craving some of the foods that stall weight loss. Instead, it craves the food you actually need. In some cases, unhealthy foods lose their appeal and you may even feel sick to your stomach when you do eat them. If you regularly consume any of the foods on our list of 10 that stall weight loss and you are working on losing weight, consider phasing them out slowly or one at a time so the change isn’t so extreme.