Technology and the IP Number of Your Mobile

mobile phone photo

In the world of technology, there is constant evolution taking place. What is available today might be outdated tomorrow. Cell phones or mobile phones are advancing daily. For example, people are still posting videos on how to save your phone should it fall into water. However, phones have already been developed to withstand any damage should you drop it in the water.

The technology is based on what is called the Ingress Protection scale. This IP scale has a number next to it. This number allows you to see with how much the phone can resist water and dust. The phones are tested and the result would be recorded as, for example, IP55 or IP58. This will give you an indication of whether the phone is dust resistance (which is the number five) and the water resistance number follows the number five. If the phone has a number six, it indicates that no dust can get into the phone at all. A phone with an IP of X5 and X7 (IP67), can take rainwater as well as jets of water, plus it can be submerged for up to three feet of water for thirty minutes.

The IP will also influence the price you will pay for the phone. Thus, if you buy the phone with the higher IP numbers, you will pay more for it than for the ones with the lower IP numbers. Even if you take the one with the lower IP numbers, you know that your phone will be protected somehow. This technology will give you a phone with a longer life span, especially of dust stays out as well. You might want to look into this when you buy your next upgrade. However, you could still secure your phone in a sealed plastic bag if you do not wish to upgrade to the waterproof phone just yet.