10 Ways to Qualify for a Free Credit Report

Here’s how to get your credit reports free.

Your credit score is used for everything. Looking for a new job? Want to buy a home? Or, do you need a personal line of credit? If the answer is yes to these, or many other questions in terms of applying for something, your credit score is going to have an impact on the application. If you would like to see your credit score, you are often required to pay a fee for it; however, there are certain ways to obtain a free credit report.

It’s important to keep track of your credit reports and check them regularly, even if you aren’t planning on applying for anything. With this said, not all sites are credible and not all reporting agencies provide the same information. So, where can you go for a free credit report?

In addition to the credit bureaus, there are online sites you can turn to for a free credit report. When you need to check your reports prior to completing an application, there is more than one option. Here are 10 ways in which you can qualify to receive a free credit report without paying.