Top 9 of Kanye West’s Past Girlfriends

Amber Rose

This was possibly one of the most tumultuous and one of the most highly scrutinized relationships Kanye was involved in, namely because of the fact that the couple was on and off again. Add to that the rumors flying around concerning Kim K. and the cheating scandal, and you have a perfect recipe for public interest. Rose and Kanye were together from 2008 to 2010, and were known to be a couple.

Kanye met Kim K. shortly after his relationship with Rose and the rumors began several years prior to the two getting married. Amber Rose, the hip-hop model, artist, fashion designer, and actress, is one of the most well-known and most out spoken women Kanye West dated before marrying Kim K.

Whether or not Kanye dated each of these women, or whether they were simply rumors is hard to tell. The stories seem to be accurate, namely due to the fact that he was spotted with most women on more than one occasion. Not only does Kanye seem to enjoy being with high profile women, he enjoys being in the spotlight and being seen by as many people as possible, which only adds to the speculation.