Top 9 Celebrity Falls in Public

Justin Bieber

No one expects a young star like Justin Bieber to trip and fall while performing, but it did happen and was talked about at great lengths afterward. During a London concert in 2009, it seems Bieber took one too many steps the wrong way on stage, when he took a major tumble and broke his foot during a performance in the city. He was the supporting act for Taylor Swift during the show where he tripped, rolled his ankle, and fell off the stage. A not so grand entrance for the pop star, and a fall from grace he and his fans have yet to forget about.

No celebrity is immune from getting embarrassed on live TV; these are only a few of the cases we can remember from recent years. Not only did these celebrities take a major tumble on stage, but the major falls they went through took place publicly, for millions of people to view, rather than a few people who are around when the majority of us fall down. Not only are these some of the falls we can’t forget, but with Youtube and other mediums today, they are some of the classic moments we can relive for years to come.