Top 10 Scariest FBI Investigations

Al Capone

An iconic gangster in American history, Al Capone, gave the FBI a run for their money when it came to pinning him down. Notoriously violent and capable of murder at the drop of a hat, Capone was too well-connected to be brought down easily. Spurred on to infamy by prohibition and his ability to control the streets of Chicago, Al “Scarface” Capone terrified business owners and police officers alike.

What made Capone and his gang members so frightening was their ability to enact their own methods of justice on anyone–FBI members and lawmakers included–who tried to stand in their way. It wasn’t until 1929 that the FBI finally caught up with the notorious gangster, citing him for contempt of court in Chicago and arresting him in Florida. Ironically, it was failing to pay his taxes that finally sent him to Alcatraz for most of his life.