Top 10 Mistakes in the Bible

origins  of human photo

Photo by Ryan Somma

Human Origin

The Bible is also mistaken in stating the period for which it took for human beings to appear on Earth during its evolution and development. Humans appeared instantly, as if out of the dust almost as soon as the Earth itself was created, according to the Bible. However, science contrasts this theory by showing that it was not for millions of years that human beings ever walked the Earth. Further, there is no development from prior species which existed in the Bible either, so how did we appear, and how long did it really take for us to get here?

The Bible is the most widely sold book in the world, and it has been read by millions of people. Further, millions of people base their religious beliefs around the book, and with just cause. However, it does not showcase the true evolution of our Earth, and includes many inconsistencies. It is understandable that so many people question the Bible, and why they look to science and the process of evolution for explanation. Many elements simply do not make sense and the timelines do not fit. This makes it more difficult to believe in the information that the Bible presents as factual.